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Homeopathy Las Vegas

Finally, The Perfect Solution to Your Health Problem.

Dr. Greenberg is a Trusted Medical Professional who uses Thirty Years of Expertise to help you get your health back. Results in as little as 10 days. 


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What People Are Saying

Firsthand Accounts of Patients who have experienced Permanent, Life Changing Results under Dr. Greenberg's Expert Care.

“My legs caused me horrible pain for more than five years. I sought help from four physicians, two orthopedic surgeons and two neurologists, with neither a cause nor solution to be found. I imagined a future in a wheelchair. Reaching out to Dr. Greenberg was a crazy, last-ditch effort — and in less than a week, I found relief from my leg pain!"
Carrie S.
Yelp Review, 2019
“When I started a little over a year ago, I came in with a bunch of issues — overactive bladder, fatigue, allergies, a bad cough — and was on more medication than I could count. Did I have my doubts? Yes. But it really works. Now, I’m on nothing but the Homeopathic Medicine we found works best for me and my symptoms are gone.”
David Rosen
Google Review, 2020
“Dr. Greenberg is respectful of my time and personally vested in my well-being. He pinpoints every detail of my symptoms and asks questions that other doctors overlook. His remedies are all-natural, with no side effects. If you're sick of swallowing pharmaceuticals and are looking for a new way to get healthy, go and chat with Dr. Greenberg. It is life-changing!”
Tami C.
Yelp Review, 2020
“I was allergic to everything under the sun. Even with five daily medications, I was in a constant state of sinus pressure and hives. I honestly had no hope when I agreed to an appointment, but three weeks later, my hives were gone and I could breathe, prescription free. And while everyone else is stuffy and reaching for the tissues, I can smell the flowers!”
Jamie Pala
Google Review, 2019
"Dr. Greenberg was quick to respond to the needs of our one year old daughter, who was battling a double ear infection and a bad reaction to antibiotics. He took the time to understand the exact ailments she was dealing with and provide a Remedy. Truly, after one dose, our little girl was 90% back to her normal, happy self."
Krista Dreyer
Google Review, 2020
“My daughter developed asthma at three years old. My pediatrician gave me an inhaler and said there was nothing else I could do. So we went to Dr. Greenberg. Six months later, she was asthma free. The inhaler was NEVER refilled. If conventional medicine has failed you, give this doctor a try. My daughter is now six, and can run and play without fear of an attack.
Mariska Quintana
Google Review, 2019


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How Does it Work?

Homeopathic Treatment is Remarkable because it stops simply managing the problem and instead, CURES the issue with a principle called “The Law of Similars.” Watch the video to see this Law in action. 


Is Your Condition Treatable?

Rather than attack disease itself, Homeopathic Medicine helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that you have the ability to get rid of the problem YOURSELF. See the just a few of the many types of health concerns Homeopathy can treat using this groundbreaking method.

Aches & Pains

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Bacterial Infections

Skin Conditions

Mental Health


Respiratory Illness

Brass Tacks

Can I Afford It?

Especially in light of the COVID-19 shutdown, and record levels unemployment, it’s more Important than ever to get the Quality Care you need without breaking the bank. Compare the cost of different Healthcare Options to confirm that when it comes to Homeopathy, there’s no comparison.

Method Initial Visit Ongoing Treatment Commitment Extra Fees
Method Homeopathy
Initial Visit $200
Ongoing Treatment $100 or $75 w/ Autopay
Commitment 1x/month
Extra Fees $12 Remedy
Method Chiropractic
Initial Visit $65-200 + x-rays ($100)
Ongoing Treatment $65-200
Commitment 3x/week
Extra Fees $50 per Therapy (Electrotherapy, massage)
Method Stem Cell
Initial Visit -----
Ongoing Treatment $4,000-8,000
Commitment 8-10 Total
Extra Fees $500 Platelet Rich Therapy
Method Acupuncture
Initial Visit $100-300 + Diagnostics ($150)
Ongoing Treatment $50-70
Commitment 3x/week
Extra Fees $150+ Monthly Supplements
Method Functional Medicine
Initial Visit $300-800 + Lab Work ($250ea)
Ongoing Treatment $1,000-5,000 per Package
Commitment Varies on Program
Extra Fees $500+ Monthly Supplements
Method Naturopathy
Initial Visit $250-400 + Lab Work ($250ea)
Ongoing Treatment $100-200
Commitment 1-2x/month
Extra Fees $100+ Weekly Supplements
Method Physical Therapy
Initial Visit $150-225 + Exam ($150)
Ongoing Treatment $100-200
Commitment 2-3x/week
Extra Fees $50-150 Home Equipment
Method Psychotherapy
Initial Visit -----
Ongoing Treatment $120/hr
Commitment 1x/week
Extra Fees -----
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Ask Dr. Greenberg

The answers you’ve been looking for, from Dr. Greenberg himself. Fill out the form below to connect.