Ailment Homeopathic treatment part one by Dr Alan Greenberg

Hi there. I’m Dr. Alan Greenburg, and I practice here in Las Vegas. I do homeopathic medicine. One of the main questions that I get is, “Can you help me with …” Okay. Let’s call them ailments. Disease. This is a very difficult subject in a way. People want a diagnosis of their problem. “Put […]

Homeopathy and ADHD

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg and I practice homeopathic medicine here in Las Vegas. A very common complaint I see all the time is ADHD, attention deficit disorder. There’s a bunch of different types, restless types, attention types, oppositional types. We’re not going to go through all of them, but this is one disorder that’s […]

Types of diseases that can be treated with Homeopathy

Hi. I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg, and I practice homeopathic medicine in Las Vegas. I want to talk about three types of diseases, if you will. There are three main types. There’s one. There’s mechanical. So, you break a bone, and you have to put it back together. Two, there’s lifestyle, right? You eat poorly. You […]

Homeopathy for Diabetes and Blood pressure

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I practice Homeopathic Medicine in Las Vegas, and I want to talk about Diabetes and Blood pressure. These are very common problems that are asked by patients all the time, “Can Homeopathy help?” Both Diabetes and Blood pressure is a combination problem. Mostly they’re excess problems. For instance, and there’s […]

Homeopathy Treatment Cost

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I practice homeopathic medicine in Las Vegas, and today I want to talk about something really important, and that is cost. That’s the big thing that everybody asks about. Cost, insurance, and value. How do you spell value? There we go. Sorry about my handwriting. So cost, it starts like […]