Alternative Medicine

When a person is sick and is tired of being sick, fed up with drugs and conventional medicine (allopathic medicine), he or she begins to search out alternatives for their ailments. At a quick glance, it should be obvious that drugs are designed to only manage health problem, not to cure them. Even worse, the […]

Skin Allergies

For many people, the skin is a very sensitive area. Of the many conditions the skin develops, i.e. a rash or itching, there is often an allergic component to that condition. These conditions can come from virtually anywhere; the skin can develop problems due to allergic reactions from animals, soaps, clothes, chemicals, or even food. […]

Seasonal Allergies

It is that time of year for allergies. It is the season for advertisements that say things like, “how to cope with allergies”, “home remedies for allergies,” and “antihistamines for allergies”. Do you know what all of these promises have in common? That none of the approaches will actually cure your seasonal allergies, and you […]