“I scheduled an appointment because I had tingling in my toes and fingers and some numbness. I didn’t want to go to a traditional doctor that would probably put me on prescription drugs for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with stress and depression due to a traumatic episode I was going through. Within a couple of weeks the tingling and numbness dissipated, my mood improved and my general well being was much better. I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Greenberg before seeing a traditional doctor.”

GenericProfilePhoto-Blue-RoundEdward R.

“Dr. Greenberg has really helped me with my anxiety. He really listened to me and answered my questions very thoroughly and attentively. I’m feeling great and I was a little apprehensive about homeopathic medicine. But after receiving treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg. Thank you for helping me and making me feel so much better!”

GenericProfilePhoto-Blue-RoundLisa W.

“I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg to everyone that I know. I went to him three years ago as I was diagnosed with vulvadyna. My MD suggested surgery and I was terrified. I heard about Dr.G from a friend and though I had nothing to lose, so I have him a shot! By month three I was feeling better and the issues that vulvadyna was causing had subsided. I didn’t have to have surgery and my MD was impressed! Even if your skeptical, give homeopath a try, it is amazing!”

GenericProfilePhoto-Blue-RoundTiffany R.

“Dr. Greenberg is our homeopathic family practitioner, he has treated all of us (son, mother, grandmother) for various health reasons for the last three years now and I have trusted and relied on his recommendations of treatment. Although a skeptic initially, I have seen my sons asthma, eczema and respiratory infections dissipate, some remedies work immediately and some have taken time, but always a good resort of conventional medicine and not barbaric by any means. He is also supportive of me getting a second opinion from the pediatrician, but I opt to not fill the script with drugs to just treat the symptoms and go with a remedy instead that actually CURES!”

GenericProfilePhoto-Blue-RoundLina R.

“Where do I start!  Dr Greenberg is amazing!  When I came to Dr G I was a mess!  The month before I was rushed to the er and almost put in icu! They pumped me full of really harsh antibiotics and narcotics. I released myself against medical recommendation. I could not stop vomiting and diarrhea. After about two weeks of being home I had severe stomach cramps and nausea! I would get dizzy and have hot flashes and could not function. I felt like everything I did would make it worse I started to poop blood and pee blood for a couple weeks and literally felt like I was dying not to mention I had just had a baby 3 months prior and was nursing. I did not want to go back to the doctors because they wanted to pump me full of drugs that would make me not be able to nurse, which was import to me, so I decided to look up a naturopath. I looked at Dr greenberg s reviews and they looked ok so I gave him a shot and I am so glad I did! When I first met with him he told me to tell him all my symptoms and go back as far as I could to when they started. He listened to what I had to say and I didn’t feel rushed at all. After that I had follow up meeting where he discussed what homeopathy was and how he was going to help me. We discussed what I had and what the medicine I was taking was. I liked the fact that I could still nurse and not have to worry about putting drugs in my system.  He told me to txt or call whenever I had a relapse or anything that was making me feel sick.  We continued to adjust my medicines to make sure i was getting cured. After about 4 months i have never felt better i am cured. I like I had a Dr that I could count on which is important to me and that is why my family will be going to Dr greenberg and why he will be my Dr for any future issues! He is the best! If you are sceptical about homeopathy I suggest at at least trying it out what do you have to lose except healing yourself instead of masking the problem.”

GenericProfilePhoto-Blue-Round Amanda C.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for a couple of years now. He has helped me in many ways. Most remarkable results were with allergies and plantar factitious. Homeopathy has also really helped in my general well being and emotional healing. I am much more focused, and my business in rocking! I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg and his approach. Homeopathy is totally different than I thought it would be, and I love the approach it takes to work with the whole person.”

GenericProfilePhoto-Blue-RoundDavid B.


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