The main goal of this office is to eradicate illness. Most treatments today are managing the problem. Like Aspirin for your back pain, it does not cure it only provides temporary relief. Believe or not this is a very hard concept to understand. If you have high blood pressure and you take antihypertensive drug (high blood pressure drug) many people feel that this is a cure, but it is only managing, and the disease keeps progressing.

HOLISTIC APPROACH: Most treatments only focus on 1 part. Like your bellyache or foot pain etc. Yet you are a whole person. Example: let say you have allergies, which have watery eyes, sneezing, hives, etc. So you take an antihistamine which may last a few hours or longer. Also as a person you have fatigue, and your mood isn’t what you like. Also you are having some kind Bowel problem. All of those symptoms make up the disease. All must be eradicated for you to have a complete cure. “You are one person, one physiology” and therefore must be understood in this way.

WHAT IS DISEASE: Most people are taught to go and find out what diagnosis you have for your ailment. You go to the health professional, and you are diagnosed with eczema. As if this is an entity. Have you ever seen eczema walking down street by itself? No the diagnosis is just a common syndrome of symptoms, itchy, dry and cracked skin etc. You did not get bit the eczema bug, or possessed by it. Also as explained in holistic approach it’s more than the skin symptoms it is all the symptoms that are a deviation away from what is normal for you. The way you realize this is not normal for you is that the sensation and the function of whatever the symptom is now you feel distressed by it. Pain is a very clear example of deviation away from what is normal for you. Another example you may be kind of easily irritated, but that’s ok for you, but now everything is annoying you, smells, noise, and even cute children. Now that is becoming deviation away from health.
My personal outlook for my office is to help “you” eradicate the disease, in the most gentle, and timely fashion possible. The cure should not be worse than the illness, which many drugs have this problem.
When treatment is started you will not have to give up any of your medications. In fact I prefer you do not change a thing. Try to live your life as you normally do. Then when positive changes happen it is easy to see the homeopathic medicine being the cause for wellness.
I am available: This means that you are not alone in your journey to wellness. I make myself available for questions and advice, through email, 24 hour answering service, and even text messaging. In fact many patients can’t believe I pick up the phone and call them to check to see how they are, and if there are questions.
I educate all my patients. It is not just in and out “see ya later”. In fact on the second visit I will do a power point presentation so you thoroughly understand the goals, how it works, and how much it will cost, etc. It is important to me that you are well informed, and have the right to ask questions, since this is all about you, and I highly respect that. I am fully aware that patients come to see me are desperate, possibly scared, but really want to be better.
I will spend with you as much time as needed in person, on the phone (even if it’s after office hours) and I will research the homeopathic literature for as long as it takes to find the solution for you. I do this for every single person who comes in for treatment.
As a doctor I am always increasing my education to bring about the best and most efficient cures through homeopathic medicine.


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