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This website is designed to give specific information on how and why homeopathy is the greatest kept secret. Whether you are 100 years old or only 1 month old, homeopathy can help most problems. These are not hollow claims. Homeopathy is used by millions and millions of people throughout the world. Hard working, ethical and dedicated health professionals have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of helping patients get well. These professionals are medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, nurses, naturopaths and lay persons. It has taken 1000's of hours to learn homeopathy, time and money to set up offices. All of these professionals become homeopaths to help and serve human kind, not to make a buck.

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It’s Time For Permanent Relief!

Arthritis. Asthma. IBS. Depression. Anxiety. Headaches. The list goes on. These are all chronic illnesses that seem to come from the outside world to invade your being. That’s why when you go to the medical practitioner, you look for a diagnosis to give you the steps to be rid of the invader, so you can … Continue reading It’s Time For Permanent Relief!

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Stop Managing your health problem

Not seeing each symptom as part of a whole, but instead as a separate entity or defect is the major flaw in today’s medical institution. This decision to treat symptoms piecemeal is the reason I can GUARANTEE that prescription medications will NEVER make you well. It’s usually when people realize this glaring fact that they … Continue reading Stop Managing your health problem

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Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine looks at the whole person, and it is the truest form of holistic healing. The law of similar has been carefully studied by homeopaths since the 19th century. These homeopaths, namely Samuel Hahnemann, were pioneers in the scientific community. Over 40 years, Hahnemann conclusive showed time and time again that by using the … Continue reading Homeopathic Medicine

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History Dr. Alan Greenberg


Dr. Alan Greenberg is certified by the Nevada State Homeopathic Board of Examiners.

He is an Advanced Practitioner in Homeopathy(aph). The license requires a practitioner to meet very strict guide lines from the board and to pass a state board exam.

Dr. Greenberg has been practicing homeopathy since 1991.He graduated Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1984.

He has been published in The New England Journal of Homeopathy. Articles included, case about Tourettes, Post Stroke Problems, Severe Poison Ivy, Teenager PoorBladder Control.


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